Posted by Tadpole 4 weeks 21 hours ago
I can smell it. 
Posted by Jojo 4 weeks 22 hours ago to JoJo 'N Kellie
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit L.A. yesterday morning, which is relatively small. But the news crew for KTLA did what they're SUPPOSED to anyway . . . by climbing under their news desk. But...
Posted by Jojo 4 weeks 1 day ago to JoJo 'N Kellie
A video of a dog jumping around on a bed while its owners aren't home is making the rounds online. According to the video, the dog isn't allowed to be up there. So when he's all by himself in the...
Posted by Pete Moss 1 month 2 days ago to Parenting with Pete
Tom Bergeron is leaving America's Funniest Home Videos'. Bergeron will call it quits at the end of next season, the show's 25th. Bergeron has hosted since 2001.
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The new movie "Need for Speed" hits theaters today, and stars AARON PAUL from "Breaking Bad". So it's the perfect time to check out his classic "Price Is Right" video again. If you don't know,...
Posted by Tadpole 1 month 3 days ago
I'm gonna try this one. 
Posted by Tadpole 1 month 4 days ago
Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird said he is considering bringing back the game, but is asking players to take a break from the game from time to time.The games addictive qualities were one of the...
Posted by Polly Wogg 1 month 4 days ago to Polly Wogg's Pond
Only 3???? Wow! He's got the rap down...maybe a future in politics!