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LUKE BRYAN was pretty excited to perform at the pre-race concert at Sunday's Daytona 500. Especially considering it was his very first time there. In a news conference before the race he said,...
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We have more new music to pass along. "Automatic", the first single from Miranda Lambert's new upcoming album.  We also have two songs that are former "Jump It Or Dump It" songs that will be...
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Private Lives Of Nashville Wives (TNT) The new reality series follows six Nashville-based women, including the wives of The Mavericks' Raul Malo, Bryan White, and songwriter Dallas Davidson. 10p.m.
Posted by Tadpole 2 months 2 days ago
That looks like so much fun!!!
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I'm not sure I've ever heard someone call a candy bar "INFLUENTIAL", especially not a respectable news publication . . . but in 2014, you gotta grab eyeballs however you can get 'em. "Time" magazine...
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I posted something similar to this last year but I think it's worth posting again. If you live near a fire hydrant that is covered under a mound of snow, take some time & clear it away. It could...
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Do you remeber this fella? His son is my featured artist for todays Jump It Or Dump vote. Stay tuned.
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Interesting...we've been watching too many cartoons, I guess!!