Posted by Jojo 1 month 4 weeks ago to JoJo 'N Kellie
I'm not sure I've ever heard someone call a candy bar "INFLUENTIAL", especially not a respectable news publication . . . but in 2014, you gotta grab eyeballs however you can get 'em. "Time" magazine...
Posted by Tadpole 1 month 4 weeks ago
I posted something similar to this last year but I think it's worth posting again. If you live near a fire hydrant that is covered under a mound of snow, take some time & clear it away. It could...
Posted by Pete Moss 1 month 4 weeks ago to Parenting with Pete
Do you remeber this fella? His son is my featured artist for todays Jump It Or Dump vote. Stay tuned.
Posted by Polly Wogg 2 months 18 hours ago to Polly Wogg's Pond
Interesting...we've been watching too many cartoons, I guess!!
Posted by Jojo 2 months 18 hours ago to JoJo 'N Kellie
You know the feeling of satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap?  Apparently we're not the only animals who enjoy it.  If you've got a minute to waste, there's a video going around of...
Posted by Pete Moss 2 months 1 day ago to Parenting with Pete
After Sunday dinner at my mothers, my youngest daughter was studying a picture of Jesus on the living room wall. She turns to me and says, "Dad, did Jesus crimp his hair?"
Posted by Tadpole 2 months 1 day ago
It's The Official Music Video to Blake Shelton's "Doin' What She Likes". 
Posted by Jojo 2 months 1 day ago to JoJo 'N Kellie
DIERKS BENTLEY may be a country star . . . but he's not a major star like, say, WILLIE NELSON or BLAKE SHELTON. And that's exactly how he likes it. He says, quote, "I don't want to be any more famous...