Remembering Steve Frogman Kelsey

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Submitted Stories

Submitted by Melissa Gray

A few years ago I was listening to Froggy on the internet (when they had that for online listeners), I thought I'd try and make a request, Frogman answered the phone. I asked if I could make a request, he said “no sorry, too late for requests.” He asked me where I was calling from, and I told him Elmira, NY (this is before I moved to Altoona). He was shocked, and asked how I knew about Froggy 98. I said I had been to the Altoona area a lot growing up, and it was like a second home to me. I told him I loved trains and listening to Froggy every time I came to visit with my family there. Somehow in our conversation my birthday came-up (probably because my family and I were planning a trip to Altoona for me). He said that he'd send a card out, and asked for my address. The day of (or day before) my birthday I got a card and an “I LOVE FROGGY” sticker in the mail. I listened to Froggy that day for my name, and Frogman had put my birthday on the list as well as “from Elmira, NY” on there. I'm sure people listening were probably thinking “why is she on the list, Elmira isn't around here” lol.
Recently, I messaged Frogman on Facebook (week before he passed away) to ask if anyone he knew could sound like the frog in between songs and commercials. He replied that he could do an OK version, but no one else. I was going to reply back saying I could, and I could record the voice; I have been able to mimic the frog's voice since I was a kid.
We'll Miss ya Frogman. We'll all meet again. "Go Rest High On That Mountain"

Love & hugs,
Missy Gray

Submitted by Jacquelyn Horton

The Frogman was always the best. He did all of our high school dances in Williamsburg, and The Williamsburg Community Center dances. He always knew how to give everybody a good time, and how to make people smile when they needed it the most. He was the best DJ, listening to Froggy in the morning and not hearing him sucks. Froggy will never be the same! He will be greatly missed!

Submitted by Dawn Dibert
Rob and Us
I met Steve Kelsey when I was in 8th grade, and of course, I was fascinated about meeting a celebrity! Over the years, a friendship developed. At some point, Steve was going through a tough time, so we invited him over for dinner, and my husband (although not at the time yet) made chicken stir fry. That was about 20 years ago, and a few times every year we'd get together for those stir fry meals; our annual Christmas Eve lunch at Applebee's for probably the past 8-10 years; different special occasion parties at each others homes; Curve games; etc. He and Denise made a special effort to visit the hospital when Doug's dad was in palliative care in July, and that meant so much to us. He was a very special man in general, and a very special person in our lives, a very true, close friend, and we will never, ever, forget him. Our lives are much richer for having known and loved you, and we will Love you always Steve/Rob...and will miss you forever. Keep the vinyl spinning and the angels dancing, Heaven's a better place.
Submitted by Kim Markel

I was only 9 back then in the 70's, but I remember when Steve Kelsey was on at midnight. He would play rock and roll on an AM station. He introduced me to a lot of different music. When he became the Frogman, I got to have the great privilege to meet him at a lot of different dances out here in the Cove. He was a wonderful man and I will truly miss him, as will my big brother. Rest in peace Steve, God has a wonderful DJ now.

Submitted by Roger Lovell

To many you brought a smile, on the road mile after mile...
To others there is so much more, no way to even the score...
So much goodwill to spend, everyone was an instant friend...
A very big part of so many lives, from pledge, to dances, to being wives...
Your voice resounded over the hills, over the sound of rolling wheels...
The loss of such a great man, never was supposed to be in the plan...
But in heaven I'm sure you already have your show, that we all will enjoy when we go...

Submitted by Mike Williams

Thanks for all the memories on my truck radio Frogman!!!! From your Roaring Spring Water delivery guy.

Submitted by Marcie Burns

I was lucky enough to have known Steve long before he was known as the Frogman. I met him when I was in my early teens, my older brother Ed worked for him setting up equipment and running lights at dances in the 80's into the 90's. I would hang out with them while they were setting up before the dances, and got into quite a few dances free. I have so many memories and stories of him, but the most recent one I will never forget--I promised him I would be at the Ashville Firehall adult dance earlier this year, and I am so thankful I was as promised. There were only three of us there dancing, but he rocked as usual. He didn't have any Kix records with him, and he told me "I think you got me, next time send me a message and say Kix, Kix, Kix." I got at least 3 hugs from him that night. I am so lucky to have known him.

Submitted by Thressa M Albright

Many of us have stories about Frogman, he was a kind, loving man with a heart of GOLD. I have known him since my high school years at Tussey Mt. in Saxton; I now live in Duncansville. Several years back I met his wife, Denise, and children, Katie and Ryan; what a beautiful family. I just want to say each of you have been a blessing to me and my family. I am so blessed to have such good friends. I love you all and I am here for you anytime of day or night. I must say that Frogman "ROB" always had a hug, a smile, and a kind word when ever you saw him. I could go on and on about him, but I just want to say, “thank you for being you and the legacy you left here on earth will NEVER be forgotten, thank you for sharing your family and allowing my family to know each of you.” Love, thoughts, and prayers to each of you.

Submtited by Penny Stidham
Frogman Kelsey did all of my high school dances, and junior prom; he was the best! I recently made a trip back to PA to visit family, and Steve talked about me and my girls on his morning show. It broke my heart to know he passed away. What a wonderful friend; he was so funny. I will never forget you Frogman.
Submitted by Erin C

Mr. Urban dedicated "But for the Grace of God" to Frogman tonight at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Submitted by Deanna Wilson

Frogman was doing a live broadcast around Christmas time at Martins when they were still in Whenwood. He said he wondered what Santa Frog was going to give him since he had been naughty. I made him a stocking with his name on it and filled a bag with mini marshmallows and the following poem: Santa Frog checked his list and checked it twice and he found out you weren't always nice. Since coal cost a lot, it seemed the thing to do, was fill your stocking with "Snowman Poo".
Steve LOVED it and asked where the hot chocolate was? So I handed him a packet of Swiss Miss and a cup................I got a hug! Great guy that will be missed by all. Love ya Frogman, enjoy your eternal rest.

Submitted by Felicia Nash-Persaud

I remember RJHS's end of the year party for the music department; he would DJ it every year. He made me feel like he had known me forever. He remembered my mom from when she was in KJHS. He always made everyone feel welcomed. I wish I had pictures of him. I would wake up every morning just waiting to hear him on the radio. I've been at school for a while, and I haven't heard him for so long. I'm really going to miss him and his morning show. He will forever be missed and loved by everyone. I did not hear of his passing until I saw the FB page about it--I cried. He has touched my life forever. To his family and friends: you are in my prayers.

Submitted by Mark Miller

Jason Michael Carroll and Me
Frogman, you made my dreams comes true, you took a picture of Jason Michael Carroll and me, and then you did a segment on all the country singers that support me. I love you brother. Rest easy and stay Froggy!

Submitted by Cindy Moore

"What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us." -Helen Keller
Steve "Frogman" has been a part of my very early morning for more years than I can count. Although I never met him personally, I truly feel like I have lost a friend. I don't know how the station is managing to maintain. I know, "the bills still need paid"... My sincerest sympathy to his wife, children, and his whole family, as well as his radio station family. May God wrap His arms around you all and give you much needed comfort. RIP Frogman.. you will truly be missed.

Submitted by Scott Sanders

He was one of a kind. We would got to the Curve games in the morning, he called them nose picker games.

Submitted by Michelle Stotler

About two years ago on my birthday, I was driving to class and listening to Froggy, like any other day, when the birthdays came on. The Frogman had put my name in to be the Hoppy Person of the day. I was so surprised and honored. He was such a wonderful person with a big heart. I will miss talking to him, especially on Fridays for job showing. RIP my friend, until we meet again!

Submitted by Kimberly Sessamen
I will never forget answering my phone in November of 2009 and hearing that deep "Ribbit" on the other end. My first thought was, “somebody is prank calling me,” but it was Frogman calling to tell me they received a letter for Christmas Carol about my daughter, Sarah, and she had been chosen to receive a wish. He picked Sarah to gather gifts for. I didn't know what to say, but through the tears, all I could say was "thank you." Later that morning, I was at my bank and the teller said to me, "Hey, aren't you Sarah's mom? My husband spoke to you this morning about Christmas Carol." Tears built up again. It was Frogman's wife, Denise. Over the next few weeks, Frogman and I spoke a lot; he was so nice to my family. The day the surprise was to arrive for Sarah, there was a big ice storm so he called me and asked if it was ok if we waited for another day. The day finally came, and it was great to finally meet the man behind that deep "ribbit." Denise came along to help deliver. Our family was so blessed and "thank you" just didn't seem to be enough. Frogman, we will never forget you. Denise, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Kim S, Sarah W, and Simon W
Submitted by Crescenda

I will forever miss Frogman. He was such a great person, radio announcer, and DJ. I met Frogman as a tadpole at Lakemont Park, that friendship grew as I attended all of the high school and area dances that he would be DJ. I will always cherish the moments that we spent together, and it's such a loss that he is no longer here, but Heaven sure gained a great angel!!

Submitted by Hannah

He will always be in my heart. At the sports show he let me spin the wheel for a Froggy sticker

Submitted by Jean Shellenberger

I have had the privilege to be at several of Steve's Halloween party's for the special education classes at Altoona. 
The children loved him; he would play music, and bring bags of candy, pizza, and cookies. Then, he would slip out and put his Mr. Froggy suit on; the children would go wild. Also remember the help he always gave to the Central Cheerleaders with their pool parties and dances... RIP Steve

Submitted by Jay Terdiman
Steve @ All Night Album Rock Reunion
Here is a photo from last year's All Night Album Rock reunion show at 30 Something.
Submitted by Timothy Bell

He was a great man and a great friend; he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. RIP STEVE

Submitted by DelGrosso's Amusement Park

Mark Chesnutt w/ Steve Kelsey
Steve "Frogman" Kelsey was a dear friend to the entire DelGrosso Family and the DelGrosso's Amusement Park Family. He helped us with our Country Concerts, and was always such a huge fan and supporter of the park. His smile and spirit will never be forgotten. Heaven gained a great angel. Thank you for so many wonderful memories.

Submitted by Brenda Brown
Submitted by Erica Burchfield
Submitted by Lynn Ostrum

I had met the Frogman at different blood drives, as well as calling for job shoving. A few years ago I had won a "mystery prize" one morning - no one was sure what prizes were available - and with my work schedule it was hard for me to get to the swamp to pick it up; Frogman dropped it off for me, which I thought was very nice. Then, when my store closed, he and I did a countdown together until I became an official job shover, which will be 4 years at the end of January. He was a wonderful, caring person and a joy to speak with, and will be greatly missed.

Submitted by Kelcie Heverly

I remember listening to him on the radio when I was really little. I would always say, "Hey! That guy has the same name as me!" Then about 10 years later, I moved to the Hollidaysburg area and became best friends with his son Ryan when we were in 8th grade. I always felt like another one of his kids, and he ALWAYS gave me trouble for being a Pittsburgh fan. He was a great man and he will be forever missed.

Submited by Christine Cox

Steve @ Cox Anniversary
I first met Steve Kelsey in 2010 when he came to St. Patrick School to do the Pledge. I had just become engaged, and he mentioned to me to remember him when it was time to start planning my wedding, and I did. My husband and I decided to contact him and use him as our DJ for our event. When I met with him about the day, he told me that my wedding, June 22 was the day after his birthday. He made our wedding day memorable with playing the music that everyone could sing/dance to. I feel privileged to have met him and shared not only my professional life with him through teaching, but the most important day of my life. The picture I have uploaded was from the day of my wedding when we had an anniversary dance and he was relaying the words of wisdom from the winning couple (from my husbands second cousins). 
He will be greatly missed.

Submitted by Helen Hershey

I was so very sad to hear of Steve's passing. I had met him numerous times, and he always remembered who I was. I talked to him on the radio, when there were contests, and won three times... and as I said, he always knew who it was calling in. He was such an awesome man, and the best country DJ I have ever listened to. I will miss him so very much. Prayers and blessings to him family!!!!

Submitted by Randy Loose

I had known Steve for 35 years. I was a huge fan of his "All Night Album Rock" show in the 1970's and 1980's. I was only 12 years old then. All the things I do everyday: listening to my radio Froggy 98, Rocky 104.9, Waly 103.9, and WFBG 1290 everyday are all because of him. The music I listen to everyday is because of him. I'm still and avid record collector to this day, because of him. I played trivia with him on the radio for years. I still win frequently today, because of him. His friendship, loyalty, charity, love of animals and children are all things I have emulated from him.
Recently, I was in the hospital fighting for my own life. After a few days in Nason Hospital, I was able to send him a text. It was my wife's birthday, and I wasn't able to let him know in time to announce it on Froggy 98. He sent me a text saying he was on vacation this week and felt he let me down by not being there... Steve you NEVER let me down, ever. I was able to do a tribute show for him in August 2012. It was an All Night Album Rock tribute show which featured the bands Blu Voodoo, Pulse (his brother Jay's band), and Black Diamond (together for the first time in 33 years). The whole show is on You Tube if wish to watch it. I have actual recordings from that show in the 1970's on my Facebook page "Legends of WFBG's All Night Album Rock". All are welcome to join. I'm also writing a book about the show and how he influenced so many people in our community. It's a tribute for you my friend. Your legacy deserves to be remembered.

Submitted by Heather Smith
Steve and Froggy Visit
Let me explain about the picture first. This is my fiancés brother and Frogman Steve; Frogman Steve came to visit his class, along with the Froggy, and broke my heart along with Brian's! Steve and his wife used to pick me up for the Williamsburg and YMCA dances, and either bring me home or I would go to there house. When November 17 came, I turned 27 years old, and heard Steve had passed away --my heart broke... I'm gonna miss you Steve!! R.I.P. to the most amazing angel. I love you.
Submitted by John and Jessica Reffner

Steve, Erica, and Teleisha
Frogman, wow! You were my Girls's hero! They thought of you like no other! We got the chance to get him to DJ our one daughter Erica Reffner's sweet 16! She loved him so much! He will be so missed. Teleisha, our other daughter, was known for her dancing ability! And my husband, John Reffner, called him every Friday to shove Tri-County Bulk Milk Haulers, and bash the Steelers for Zac Grace. We attended Frogman's viewing. He will always live in our hearts.

Submitted by Lacey Vandevander

Frogman was the DJ for my Wedding on May 18, 2013. He started out as a good family friend as he was always willing to help promote the Breast Cancer Home Run Derby; we met during a promo spot for that. I was with my mom and we came into the studio, he was so warm and welcoming. We started a friendship with lots of communication back-and-forth through the planning of my wedding. He was so knowledgeable, and when I was stuck on something he was always there with a song suggestion. When we did our last meeting for the wedding, and we were going over playlists, he was impressed with the wide range in music my now husband and I presented him with. We told him to feel free to play anything country, 80's hair bands, top 100 hits, or anything else he thought would fit. He was so wonderful with all of our guests at the wedding, they all thought he was very good at his job. I am so glad I knew him, and that he was there with us on our wedding day. He used to always call me Lacey Leeper--something I will never forget. He was such a wonderful friend, knowledgeable DJ, and a man with a heart of gold.

Submitted by Bradley

Though I never knew you personally, I would like to say, “may you rest in peace; leap hoppy and happy in heaven.”

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