Submitted Tue, 01/15/2013 - 9:04pm by Tadpole

Here's A List Of Some Strange Phobias:

1) Aichmophobia-The fear of needles or pointed objects

2) Alektorophobia-The fear of chickens

3) Anthrophobia-The fear of flowers 

4) Carnophobia-The fear of meat

5) Cathisophobia-The fear of sitting

6) Cyclophobia-The fear of bicycles

7) Homichlophobia-The fear of fog

8) Omphalophobia-The fear of belly buttons

9) Ranidaphobia-The fear of frogs (I just can't understand why anyone would be afraid of a frog.)  RIBBIT!

10)Ablutophobia-The fear of bathing

This is just a handful of examples of some phobias...I found a lot more...Some are understandable, others are kind of funny and many are downright bizarre...I hope you enjoyed this list...Maybe I will post more in the future.