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2013 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule
Week Date Opponent Time (ET) TV
1 Sept. 8  vs. Tennessee Titans 1 p.m. CBS
2 Sept. 16  @ Cincinnati Bengals 8:40 p.m. ESPN
3 Sept. 22  vs. Chicago Bears 8:30 p.m. NBC
4 Sept. 29  @ Minnesota Vikings 1 p.m. CBS
5 Oct. 6  BYE WEEK N/A N/A
6 Oct. 13  @ New York Jets 1 p.m. CBS
7 Oct. 20  vs. Baltimore Ravens 4:25 p.m. CBS
8 Oct. 27  @ Oakland Raiders 4:05 p.m. CBS
9 Nov. 3  @ New England Patriots 4:25 p.m. CBS
10 Nov. 10  vs. Buffalo Bills 1 p.m. CBS
11 Nov. 17  vs. Detroit Lions 1 p.m. FOX
12 Nov. 24  @ Cleveland Browns 1 p.m. CBS
13 Nov. 28  @ Baltimore Ravens 8:30 p.m. NBC
14 Dec. 8  vs. Miami Dolphins  1 p.m. CBS
15 Dec. 15  vs. Cincinnati Bengals 8:30 p.m. NBC
16 Dec. 22  @ Green Bay Packers 4:25 p.m. CBS
17 Dec. 29  vs. Cleveland Browns 1 p.m. CBS

Note: For a complete look at Pittsburgh's 2013 schedule, check out NFL.com.


Hi-res-156727409_crop_exact Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Steelers have long held their ground among the most glorified teams stateside, and now they will finally get their crack at making a lasting impression overseas. Pittsburgh will travel to play the Minnesota Vikings at Wembley Stadium this season.

The black and gold have always been internationally friendly—especially with Dan Rooney having spent time as an ambassador to Ireland—and now the team will look to make its own mark. Adrian Peterson and the Vikings present a threat, though, and could foil those plans with a victory over Pittsburgh.

Minnesota represents one of four matchups that the Steelers (along with the rest of the AFC North) have against their NFC counterparts. Pittsburgh will also travel to Lambeau Field this offseason, giving the team two road tilts against the division's playoff representatives in 2012. The Lions and Bears will travel to Heinz Field to complete the quartet of games. 

Over on the interconference side, things don't get much easier for the Steelers. They travel to New England to take on Tom Brady and Co.—meaning more than half of their road games will be against 2012 playoff teams. The other road tilt against the New York Jets is less of a challenge on paper, but these two squads have become familiar foes over the past few years and know each other on a near-divisional level.

With the AFC North looking as reloaded and tough as ever, the Steelers again will have one of the NFL's toughest schedules.


Most Pivotal Matchup

Hi-res-157363299_crop_exact Rob Carr/Getty Images

By law, I think all football fans are supposed to fawn over every Steelers vs. Ravens matchup. They are games even the most crotchety old-school fan can get behind.

Every Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh game carries extra importance due to the divisional implications. Only twice in the AFC North's 11-year history have neither the Ravens nor the Steelers taken home the divisional crown, with the Bengals winning in 2005 and 2009.

What is the Steelers' most important game in 2013?

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So in the midst of the hoopla about a knockdown, drag-out slugfest, the Steelers' two clashes with the Ravens matter for one reason: divisional supremacy. The names and faces—most notably Ray Lewis and Ed Reed—have changed quite drastically, but the stakes remain high. 

What's more, anytime an AFC playoff hopeful takes on the Patriots, the game takes on an increased significance. New England has been the one bastion of consistent greatness in the AFC over the past decade-plus, and every team can view its matchup against the Patriots as a litmus test for Super Bowl worthiness. 

The same could be said for the Steelers' trip to Green Bay, with the Packers looking to atone for their divisional round exit last season. 

In short, Pittsburgh's schedule is full of pivotal matchups. There will be nearly no breaks other than a bye, leaving Roethlisberger and Co. to navigate an increasingly difficult field in 2013. Though it's possible for the Steelers to return to the playoffs this upcoming season, their journey will be marked with continuous tests. 

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Default-user-icon-comment Lance Holmes posted about 8 hours ago Contributor I

Let's Set the ground work!!!! GO STEELERS!!!!!

Jay3_crop_45x45 jay craft posted about 5 hours ago Contributor I

Week 1-Titans-Win
Week 2-Bengals-Win
Week 3-Bears-LOSS (Coming Off a Short Week, We Fall Short)
Week 4-Vikings-Win
Week 5-BYE
Week 6-Jets-Win
Week 7-Ravens-Win (At Home, we edge it out)
Week 8-Raiders-Win
Week 9-Patriots LOSS ( Things dont go our way and looks ugly early)
Week 10-Bills- Win
Week 11-Lions- Win
Week 12-Browns-Win
Week 13-Ravens-LOSS (Short Week+We usually have injuries around this time)
Week 14-Dolphins-Win
Week 15-Bengals- LOSS (AFC North is not locked up& the Bengals are hungry)
Week 16-Packers-LOSS(@ Lambeau Field in December, Just get outplayed)
Week 17-Browns-Win

That's how I see things going. 11-5
We Split the games with Ravens&Bengals
Sweep The Browns
Split The Games With The NFC NORTH
And take care of business against the teams we are suppose to beat but maybe we stumble to one of those average or mediocre teams so 10-6 at the worse, Go Steelers.

Default-user-icon-comment james hains posted about 6 hours ago Contributor I

I say the steelers go 10 ~ 6 thats my prediction an make the playoffs as a wildcard... but if there offense clicks this year with some help with the rookies they draft an roethlisburger is healthy an the defense plays sound we will go 11 ~ 5 an win the division..an hopefully no major injuries to key players..cross ur fingers steelernation!

276059_715570823_1376761755_n_crop_45x45 Alaina Seifert posted about 6 hours ago Contributor I

Steelers play Ravens on Nov 28 Thanksgiving night not Dec 1 according to Ravens and nfl.com schedules

Default-user-icon-comment Rich Evans posted about 4 hours ago Contributor I

yes green bay!!! finally #revenge

P_steelers01_gold_crop_45x45 jEREMY MCCLURG posted about 8 hours ago Contributor I

Wk1 vs Titans: Win

Wk2 @ Bengals: Loss

Wk3: vs Bears: Win/Loss

Wk4 @ Vikings: Win

Wk6 @ Jets: Win

Wk7 vs Ravens: Win

Wk8 @ Raiders: Win/Loss

Wk9 @ Patriots: Win/Loss

Wk10 vs Bills: Win

Wk11 vs Lions: Win/Loss

Wk12 @ Browns: Win/Loss

Wk13 @ Ravens: Loss

Wk14 vs Dolphins: Win

Wk15 vs Bengals: Win/Loss

Wk16 @ Packers: Win/Loss

Wk17 vs Browns: Win

The ones with Win/Loss means it could go either way

Default-user-icon-comment nolan mcadams posted about 7 hours ago Contributor I

At least wait until the draft is over before you assign wins and losses.

P_steelers01_gold_crop_45x45 jEREMY MCCLURG posted about 7 hours ago Contributor I

That's why i am both ways with most of the games bro.

Default-user-icon-comment James Wilkinson posted about 6 hours ago Contributor I

@jEREMY: "both ways" lol

Jay3_crop_45x45 jay craft posted about 5 hours ago Contributor I

why did u say the raiders game can go either way but not the titans?

372384_1775367915_787833397_n_crop_45x45 Andrew Nichols posted about 2 hours ago Contributor I

Looks like 9-7, playing it safe

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