Have YOU seen any "Wacky Warning Labels"?? Here are some that are prize winners!

Grand Prize Winner - $1,000
"These globes should not be referred to for navigation."
A 7-inch decorative globe (submitted by Kelly Watson, Winona, Texas)

Second Prize Winner - $500
"Never use while sleeping."
A label on an electric razor for men (submitted by Dave Woehrer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Third Prize Winner - $250
"Keep product away from infants and children."
A neck pillow marketed for children (submitted by Noelle McDonald, San Jose, California)

Other Finalists
"Never use this product while driving."
A "Laptop Steering Wheel Desk" (submitted from Michigan)

"Caution: Griddle surface may be hot during and after cooking."
Instructions that come with an electric skillet (submitted from Michigan)

Contest creator Bob Dorigo Jones, bestselling author of Remove Child Before Folding: The 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever, has reached hundreds of millions of Americans in the past decade with the important message of the Contest – "Absurd and silly labels surround us in everyday places – because America has a lawsuit-happy culture that must be changed!"