About a month of our beautiful red-tailed hawks here in the swamp became entangled in powers lines and was pretty much electrocuted. The horrible picture shows her hanging from the wire, her claws were caught and she was grounded, meaning the current was going through her body. Somehow, she was able to get loose..but fell from the lines, onto rocks below. Her feet were fried..she was bleeding from her beak..we thought she was a goner. We called a Pa Wildlife officer, who assessed her and said he thought she could be rehabilitated. He took her to a most wonderful facility in Port Matilda called Centre Wildlife Care. They took her in and cared for her and nursed her back to health..they even named her "Sparky"!!! Today, they brought Sparky back to her swamp home and released her! Words can't even describe the joy we felt to see her flying! Centre Wildlife Care relies on donations..they get no funding. If you have a few dollars, please help out this worthy facility! they are wonderful, caring people!!! Check out the Sparky returned!