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Quite a weekend for Tim Bainey Jr. in NASCAR Nationwide Debut


“Well if you could of asked me on lap 149 how our weekend was going, I’d say we had overcome just about everything and were well on our way to what I thought was going to be a top-20 finish,” said Tim Jr.

But on lap 150 the day took a turn as Tim Jr. was wrecked by leader and eventual race winner Joey Logano in the #18 Dollar General Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. The crash quickly sparked off some controversy as noted by the race commentators, most vocal was 2012 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Rusty Wallace who voiced his opinion several times over as ESPN kept replaying the crash… that quite simply “that was uncalled for”.

“I was surprised when Joey got into us,” said Tim Jr. “I’ve known him for a long time, and really think a lot of him. I didn’t see him after the race, but it wasn’t like I was holding him up – once we got lapped I was more than giving the leaders room. I was moving to the bottom just like we did with everyone else and he just didn’t want to wait until the straightaway to go around us. I’m still hoping he didn’t know it was me in the car when he got into us – but there is nothing we can do to change it now. It was just a tough way to end our run.”

The controversy over the incident was discussed not only during the ESPN coverage, but on a number of followup and highlight shows after the event.

“I did some interviews after the race and later that night, most of them agreed that he shouldn’t have done it. There were a few that said – well you have to get out of the way – to which I was glad to respond.”

“We were a few laps down, but most people probably didn’t know that we had to make a green flag stop about lap 80 and lost 2 right there. We did get lapped on the track I think 3 times by the leaders, but so did a lot of other drivers. We were running in 24th place and giving everyone plenty of room the whole time and didn’t have a mark on the car.”

“The biggest point I wanted to emphasis and I think the reason it sparked all the controversy is that I wasn’t racing him for that position – I was simply getting out of the way for him to pass us coming off the corner and he hit us from behind.”

“It would have been different if I had held him up for a whole lap, was running side by side and holding him up, but we were just giving him room like we had all day and for some reason he made that move. There is nothing we can do to change it, but I hate it for the team. SR2 Motorsports gave me a great opportunity and the crew worked so hard. And I want to thank Benny Gordon for REALLY helping me a lot throughout the weekend.”

The race wasn’t the only part of the weekend that had its share of tough times for Tim Jr.

“We had to cut our practice short on Friday because I was sick. I hated it for the team, but it was the worst I’ve ever felt at a race track and out of all weekends it had to happen on this one,” said Tim Jr.

“I knew we had a pretty decent car during practice, but when you are trying to run these cars right on the edge of out of control – you have to be sharp. We were 1.7 off the fastest time at that point, and I was confident we could pick up at least a second with stickers and I was wearing down. So we packed it in for the day and got ready for qualifying.”

“I was feeling pretty good Saturday,” said Tim Jr. “We were all ready for qualifying but unfortunately we had an issue with the cowl of the car (the air intake for the engine), and that kept the car from ever getting up to speed… so that was tough. But fortunately we were still in the show.”

After all of that Tim Jr. and the #24 Window World / DelGrosso Team laid out a plan and things were going along pretty well. They had worked their way up inside the top-25 and were looking at a 20-21st place finish when the incident with Logano took place.

“Overall it was a great experience for me. The team was very easy to work with and we got a lot of air time for our sponsors. They did a small piece on us during practice on Friday and covered us during qualifying on Saturday which is really important as we try to put these deals together in the future.”

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Tim Bainey Jr. officially finished 28th in his NASCAR Nationwide Debut at Dover International Speedway in the 5-Hour Energy 200 Saturday, but the weekend was a pretty eventful one for the driver of the #24 Window World/DelGrosso Chevrolet.
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