Courtesy of Gizmodo:

The evidence for this being a viral marketing stunt is pretty substantial, even if you ignore the impossibly difficult physics behind the contraption.

One of the supposed MIT-affiliated scientists pictured on the website is actually an actor named Nelson Cheng. .

Also, HuvrTech.com was registered as a domain on November 25, 2013 — less than four months ago. If this were a company that had actually developed mind-blowing, world-shaking technology, you'd think they'd plan a little further than the average advertising budget cycle.

So why are Mark Cuban, Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, Moby, Terrell Owens, and folks from the band Best Coast all shilling for this fake project? Only time will tell.

. If you were involved in this stunt and want to share photos or stories from the set, please email  novak@gizmodo.com.

UPDATE: Apparently a stylist/costume designer posted a listing for it as a Funny or Die-affiliated commercial shoot that happened in November