A Contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" Could Have Won a Car and a Million Dollars . .And Then THIS Happened. .

Submitted Mon, 04/14/2014 - 11:05am by Jojo
A student from Indiana University named Julian was one of the contestants on Friday's "Wheel of Fortune". And he had a chance to win a MILLION BUCKS after the wheel landed on the million-dollar prize. All he had to do was solve the puzzle. Which should have been a slam-dunk, because ALL of the letters were flipped over, and the answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles". But he pronounced it "AY-chill-ess" and got NOTHING. Then later, he had a chance to win a CAR by solving the puzzle "World's Fastest Man". And all but two letters in the word "Man" were exposed. But somehow, he messed that up too. And there was a puzzle where it was fairly obvious that the answer was "On-the-Spot Decision." But he guessed "On-the-Spot DICE SPIN.