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Michelle Yahner    Loretto (#1 HHR employee)  (love, your co-workers @

                                                Home Health Resource)


Pamela Musselman   working @ Morrison Cove Home  “50”  (love, your family)


Sarah Moyer   workin’ @ Valley View Home  (Thomas, family & friends)


Jessica Baney   Milesburg   “32”  (love, your froggy family)


Robert Graffius   “62”  (love, Richard, Sharon, Pam & Max)


Shirley Harr    East Freedom   workin’ part-time @ Macy’s  (love, Clair, Greg,

                                                                        Missy & whole froggy family)


Tucker Taylor   5’th grade @ Juniata Valley  (love, Nanny, Rusty & Uncle Thomas)


Mackayla Reed

                                    Mrs. Stuttard’s 4’th grade class @ Foot of Ten El-Duncansville

Travis Saylor                (all the 4’th grade teachers)


Tammy Lloyd   Glasgow   (Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad & loving husband Adam)


Abe Seymore    workin’ @ UPMC     (love, Keshia, Mom, Dad & whole froggy family)


Georgia Blanton    @ Shirley Home   (Mary & the seniors @ 3 Springs Senior Center)


Terri Karns    Saxton   (love, your family)


Chuck Nolan    “41”  (love, Crystal, C.J., Terry & Ken)


Courtney Brown     “10”

                                                    (loving family members)

Roger Thoms   Aaronsburg


Buddy & Melissa  (love, your daughter)





Linda & Mark DeHaas    (East Meets West Line Dance Club)


Clarissa & Delmar Homan    “37”  (loving family members)