Froggyland Birthdays & Anniversaries Wednesday March 6 2013

                                                Wednesday 3/6/13




Mary Kay Smith  (#1 FF)  Martinsburg  “80 yrs. young”  (love family & friends)


Alicia Dunlap Styer  “sweet 16”  (love Me-Me & Pap-Pap)


Lynn Ostrum  (#1 FF)  Altoona  “54  (love family & friends)


Dena Neville  (#1 Gram)  6 Mile Run  (lotsa love, Sonny, Jesse, Rylynn, & Chance)


Becky Lynn    Bellwood    (love, your whole froggy family)


Martha Halubec  “61”

Mark Breon  “39”        (loving family members)

Michelle Anderson  “48”


Steven Brown  (friends & family at United Methodist Church in Orbisonia)


Emma Shoop      in Mr. Yakymac’s 4th grade class…

And Jadelyn Wadell     in Mr. Wessner’s 4th grade class at Foot of Ten Elem. in Duncansville   (all the 4th graders & teachers)


Chris Stoltz  “50”  Patton  (love your family)


Penny Eshelman

Joe Conlin                        Roaring Spring  (Brenda)


Jessica Sharretts (#1 Mom)  “30”  (love Chrystal)


Gracie Gates  Claysburg   “5”  (love Mommy, Daddy, Matt, Morgan & Emily)






Adrea & George Fetterolf   “60”   (loving family members)