Froggyland Birthdays & Anniversaries Wednesday July 3 2013


Janet Reed (#1FF)  Altoona  (love, Bill, family & friends)

Gary Deem  of Deem Motors-Duncansville  (love, wifey, family & friends)

Bob Hockenberry  @ B & B Small Engine-Tipton  (love, Barb, Cody & your whole froggy family)

Carolyn Brown (#1 ga ga)  (love, Isaiah, Baby Adelyn, Kaden, Karli & Noah)

Cody Dugan   King   “18”  (Kari & Kyle)

Terry Whetstone (#1FF)   Irvona  (love, Michelle, family & friends)

Rick Delozier   East Freedom                                                            (Brenda)

Sarah Griffith     Roaring Spring

Roger Ilgen   “63”

Carrie Yohe   “29”                   (loving family members)

Elizabeth Musser   “23”

Eric Miller  “20”   (love friends & family)

Trisha Hollobaugh  #1 check-in girl at Blair Gastro   “24’   (favorite co-worker)

Brielle Coulter  “1”   (from mommy and your big froggy family)

Sally Hammond      Duncansville

#1 Dad Doug Mihalko   Beulah   (love Brooke & Brady)