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Leona Ruggles Roaring Spring “91” (Brenda & Barry)


Tammy Berkstresser (#1 Fulton Co. Penndot employee) “50” (froggy co-workers)

Cory Geishauser workin’ @ the Hollidaysburg Veterans’ Home (big bad John)

Brooke Zimmerman (#1FF) Claysburg “24” (your loving mother)

Jess Carothers (#1FF) Hollidaysburg (love, Shaun Michael, family & friends)

Brianna Gardner      Clarence    “18”     (love, Mom)

Ashley Scalise (#1 mom & wife) (love, your froggy family)

Mallory Woodward      Huntingdon ‘12”     (love, Mommy, Daddy & Gavin)

Banks J. Wallace Sr. workin’ for Blair Companies (love, Kyle, Hope & Kaylee)

Denny Acker “61” (Pat, Eugene, Gary, Annajean, family & friends)

Dorothy Morgan workin’ @ Beverly Health Care Hillview (love, your whole froggy family)

Patty Dodson Imler

Sherry Pote     Roaring Spring

Dain Smith      Mrs. Wharton’s 4’th grade class @ C.W. Longer El-Hollidaysburg (froggy classmates)

Elizabeth Bausher (Mary & the seniors @ 3 Springs Senior Center)

Margaret Hughes Nathan Bobb “35” (loving family members)

Randall Bartges “84"

Chase Krider   6'th grade-Spring Cove Middle School  "12"  (love, Mom & Mike)

Dustin Gardner    wokrin' hard @ Stuckey Subaru-Hollidaysburg  "20"  (Mom, Dad, Alyssa & your froggy friends)


 Julie & Marc       ”9” (loving family members)