Submitted Wed, 04/10/2013 - 7:49am by Frogman




Michelle Diehl   Blue Knob   “40”  (love, Kenny, Katelyn & Emily)


Robbie Hughes   Martinsburg   “30”  (love, Mom, McKenzie, Konner, Eviana, family

                                                                                    & friends)


Gus Stoy   Gallitzen  “74”  (love, your wife & whole froggy family)


Barb Ritchey (#1 FF)  workin’ hard @ Nason Hospital-Roaring Spring  “58” 

                                                                        (love, Brenda, family & friends)


Brittany Hull  5’th grade @ Cumberland Valley Christian School-Chambersburg  “11”

                                                (your best friend Maddie)


Cassidy Ebersole   class of 2013-Claysburg-Kimmel high School  “18”  (love, Mom,
                                                            Cordell, Nana & Cena)


Jamie White     Mount Union   “16”  (love, Mom, Dad & Jimmy)



Sabrina Bukowski    Gallitzen   “35”  (love, Mary & Karrie)


Ashleigh Klausman    workin’ hard @ Pediatric Healthcare Associates-Altoona 

                                                            (love, all your froggy co-workers)


Makayla Smith   Mr. Wessner’s 4’th grade class @ Foot of Ten El-Duncansville  “10”

                                                            (all the 4’th grade teachers)


Lawrence Bartges   “61”

                                                (loving family members)

Scott O’ Brian   “55”


Tim Reese  “44”  (love, your froggy family)

Edie Johnson   “64”  (love, your little froggy tadpoles)


Amber Mitchell    Loretto   (family & friends)


Jim Brown    Grassflat    (love, your family)









Dave & Linda Burchfield   Duncansville  “48”  (love, Patty)


Butch & Kim Harr   Claysburg   “20”  (love, your whole froggy family)


Shelli & Ryan Corl   “14”   (loving family members)