Froggyland Birthdays & Anniversaries Thursday March 7 2013

                                             Thursday March 7




Harry Acker   West Loop Hollidaysburg   “73”   (wife & family)


“Mick”   “63”  (hugs & kisses, Betty)


Kathryn Taylor  “23

Kathy Puff                        (loving family members)


Zoe Raley  “11”  Mrs. Slaterbeck’s 5th grade class at Glendale Elem.  (Brian, Mom & Derek)


Crystal Smith  (friends & family)


Jordan Metz & Madalyn Ankeny  “10” in Mrs. Lightner’s 4th grade class at Foot of Ten Elem. in Duncansville      (all the 4th grade teachers)


Wilk Black  (friends & family at United Methodist Church in Orbisonia)


Dan Elling  “8”  (love your family)


Carol Weyant   Roaring Spring  (Brenda)


George Biggans   Drifting  (all your sea-cruising friends)


Skylar Houp  (from his family & Timber too)


Bill Neese   “67”   Spring Mills   (Joe, Brian & Brandon)


Jocelyn Over   “18’  (love your one and only Kaleb)