Froggyland Birthdays & Anniversaries Thursday July 4 2013


Lisa Dawn Foust  Houserville Road   (love your favorite cuz)

Travis Smith    working hard with Guyer Brothers

Zeke Granville  “13”  (lotsa love Dad, Mom, Froggy grandparents & family)

Jim Brindle  #1 Uncle Pap”  “65”    Broad Top City  (lotsa love Madison, Kay-Kay, Lillie, and Kasin)

Robert Stoner the 3rd   “23”  Broad Top  (love Nichole, Mackenzie, Connor, and your whole family)

Tina Hewitt  “55”   Coalport  (love friends and family)

Torie Lingenfelter   “24”   Duncansville  (love your family that misses you)

Jamie Mountain  Roaring Spring  (cousin Brenda)

Violet Watkins

Edna Souders                  (Mary & the seniors at 3 Springs Senior Center)

Francis Shope

Bob Yarnell  “66”

Shirley Chamberlin  “74”     (loving family members)

Doris Clawson   (Carol & Brent)




Lynn & Rich Munholm  “23”    (loving family members)