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Michelle Bookhammer   “40”  (family & residents @ Our Lady of the Alleghenies

                                                Residence @ Garvey Manor)


Jesscia McFarland  (#1 froggy mom)  Bellwood…workin’ for AMED  (love, Dusty,

                                                                                                Dylan & Katie)


Aaron Fyock    Julian   (love, Jody, Jeffrey & Evan)


Jared Shope (#1 football player) for Juniata College   “21”  (love, Melina, Harlan,

                                                            Aunt Holly & Uncle Sean)


Levi Baker   Loretto   “5”  (love, Gram, Pap & the gang)


Ryan Frank   Morrisdale   “21”  (love, Mom, Randy & Kailey)


Melissa O’ Shell (#1 new mommy)   (love, pappy & ga-ga O’ Shell)


Colten Clinemeyer   2’nd grade-Port Matilda Elementary  “8”  (love, Mommy, Daddy,

                                                            Braylon & HUGE froggy family)


Brandy Kelley    Port Matilda   (lotsa luv, Mom, Dad, Brett & whole froggy family)


Darl Edwards   Williamsburg   “36”  (love, your family)


Ralphe Myers    (Mary & the seniors @ 3 Springs Senior Center)


Blake Wilt   “1”  (love, Mom, Dad, Bailey & whole froggy family)


Pam Graffius   “48”  (love, Robby & your BFF’S:  Rick, Sharon & Max)


Bertha Thomas    Six Mile Run   “71”  (love, Bob & your froggy daughters)








Phil & Joyce Ieraci       (Dick & Linda)