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MONDAY 3-24-14

Kasey Marie Reid “9” Altoona 3rd grader at McAuliffe Heights (love mom, dad & Riley)

Mary Jane Baker “85” Loretto (love your family)

Claire Porter “6” & Kim Corl “45” (loving family members)

Jenna Drysdale Mckee & Butch Ruggles East Freedom (both from Brenda)

Carissa Brumbaugh   stitching cowboy boots at Cove Shoe (love your family)

Colleen Milliron “22” (Jane & family)

Jim Carothers (East Meets West Line Dance Club)

Katie Claycomb (family & friends)

Scott Clough & Zach Femby (loving family members)

Ashlyn Rawlings (love grandpa and grandma)

Wilbur Welsh Imler (from your sisters & family, plus Anna-Jean & Gary)

Donny Lear (love Bonnie, the kids & grandkids)

Skyler Jordan Kegg “he is 5” (love daddy & big sister Katelyn)

Audra Robertson (love your family)

Kevin Neuder Robertsdale (loving families)

Mike Ross Williamsburg (love mom, dad & family)