Froggy Birthday List for 2-8-13

Submitted Fri, 02/08/2013 - 6:38am by Frogman




Laura Campbell (#1 day care giver) @ Spike’s Day Care-Williamsburg  (love,

                                                            Little Starshine, family & friends)


Cindy Stevens (#1 RN) @ the Van Zandt-V.A. Medical Center-Altoona 

            “too young to feel this damn old”  (love, your peeps & friends)


Dallas Stover   Pleasant Gap   “86” years young  (love, your whole hoppy family)


Cody Edgin (#1 Eagle Scout)  junior @ Mt.Union High School  “18”  (Mom, Dad &



Crystal Evans  sophomore @ Bellwood-Antis High School  “sweet 16”  (love, Mom,

                                                                                                            Dad & Amber)


Jill Swab (#1 mom)  East Freedom  “32”  (love, your 3 little kittens…Braeden, Chelsey

                                                                                                                        & Casey)


Patrick Clark   “48”  (lotsa luv, your kids & grandkids)


Sue Namenwirth    (everyone @ Freedom Excursions by Scully)


Beth Perrin   Alexandria   (Ryan & Hailey)


Tracy Schmidt   (love, your family)


Sabrina Leidy m  (Kristie, Jim, Mikayla & Alaina)


Curtis Gummo   (Kristie, Jim & the girls)


Addie Lose   (love, Mom, Dad & Jayee)


Preston Fetterolf  ‘36”


Fran Homan  “65” 

                                                            (loving family members)

Mary Hosterman  “66”


Dawn Rupert  “47”


Guy Leonard    Mr. Wessner’s 4’th grade class @ Foot of Ten El-Duncansville  “10”

                                                            (all the 4’th grade teachers)




Kathy & Jeff Fetterolf  “37”

                                                            (loving family members)

Janet & Leon Shawver   “64”


Bryce Herman   Bellefonte   “13”  (love, family & friends)