Froggy Birthday List for 2-7-13

Submitted Thu, 02/07/2013 - 8:07am by Frogman




Campbell Ida Marie Detwiler  (#1 sweetheart)  1’st grade-Martinsburg El-“7”

                                    (love, Mom, froggy family, tons of friends & fan club)


George Bollman Jr.   Portage   “40”


Sean McGeary   workin’ for Norfolk-Southern-Juniata  “30”  (love, family & friends)


Patrick Edwards  (#1FF)  Williamsburg  “27”  (all your froggy friends)


Betty Miles   Roaring Spring  “54”  (love, Tina Rae)


Shannon Shaw    4’th grade-Tyrone El   “10”  (love, your whole froggy family)


Samantha Bierley   “18”  (loving family members)


Kevin Smith  Mrs. Stuttard’s 4’th grade class @ Foot of Ten El-Duncansville

                                                            (all the 4’th grade teachers)


Betsy Campolong  (#1 grammy)  Clearfield  “66”  (Sam, Max, Sophia & Jacob)


Violet Over   “5”  (love, Grandma & your whole froggy family)


Archie Wineland   Roaring Spring   (Brenda)


James Pond  (all your friends in the swamp)


Nate Cobler     Duncansville   (love, Mom, Carl, Shianne, Ashley, Brodie & Janelle)










Jean & Mike Taras    “65”  (loving family members)