Life Saver Cat


How 'bout THIS kitty?!?!?

(Sturgeon, WI)  --  A fat cat in Wisconsin is credited with saving a woman's life the day he was adopted from the pound.  The "Green Bay Press Gazette" is reporting the 21-pound Pudding awoke his owner from what could have been a deadly diabetic seizure.  Amy Jung says Pudding sat on her chest, nudging and nipping her awake.  In a faint voice, Jung called out for her son Ethan's help, but he could not hear the cry.  That's when Pudding entered Ethan's room and jumped on the bed to get his attention.  Ethan woke up and got his mom the necessary medical help.  Pudding has since become a therapy animal.  He meows when he senses Jung's blood sugar is low.  Dogs are known in some cases to sense impending medical problems in their owners.  It's more rare, but cats can have the same life-saving senses.