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George Harr (#1 boss) @ A & M Transit-Claysburg  (love, Carol, Mark, Shelly,

                                    Danielle, Troy, grandkids & whole froggy family)


Mike Barone (#1FF)  East Freedom  “55”  (love, Bonnie & Bethany)


Cheryl Flick  “50”  (love, Bill, Meredith, Abby, Davey & Zoey)\


Corey Strouse   Bellefonte   “20”  (Mom, Kylie & Brad)


Zachary Bloom   sophomore-Moshannon Valley H.S.-Houtzdale  “16”  (love, Mom)


Brooke Lovell  4’th grade-Glendale Elem  “10”  (love, Mom, Dad, Sabrina, Hannah

                                                                                    & Garett)


James Smith   4’th grade-Northern Bedford Elem.-Loysburg  “10”  (love, your family)


Riley Cottle  3’rd grade @ Northern Bedford Elem.-  (love, Pappy, Grammy, Mommy,

                                                Daddy, Logan & whole froggy family)


Kaelyn Neeley   1’st grade @ Frankstown Elem.  “7”  (love, your froggy family)


Richard Stringer   “41”  (love, Ashley & your froggy family)


Jeff Shope   3 Springs   (love, Melina & Harlan)


LeeAnn Miller   (family & friends)


Eric “Bummy” Bumgardner   Williamsburg  “47”  (the organist, Nittany & Dad)


Edith Fisher   Alum Bank  


Judy Shawley   the Loop


Dorothy Knee   Altoona


Mark Leberfinger   Hollidaysburg          


Steve Ebersole    Roaring Spring


Paige Glunt    Roaring Spring  “7”




Chalase Mehalick   “25”


Collin Fohringer  “5”                 (loving family members)


Isaiah Alters    “9”


Mike Vaughn   Altoona  (family & friends)









Matt & Kathy Fye   Altoona  “9”  (love, Uncle Mike, Aunt Bonnie

                                                            & whole froggy family)


Lisa & Randy Madden   Round Knob  (love, Ben, Cindy, Sandy & Jenna)


Carrie & Todd Hall   Tatesville   “18”  (love, Mom, Dad, Susie & Derek Boy)


Marian & Carl Parsons    Bellefonte   (lotsa luv, tons of kids& grandkids)


Laura & Gary Lukens   “13”  (loving family members)


Tami & Roger Hamel   Hollidaysburg   (love, Patty)


Bill & Deborah Scully   (everyone @ Freedom Excursions by Scully)


Terry & Sandy Whitt   Altoona  (family & friends)


Bob & Bonnie Elbin  (lotsa luv, your kids)


Betty & Jamie Pearce   Arcadia  “11”  (love, Stacy, Ryan & Brand)


Mike & Tammy Mock   Roaring Spring  (love, Keshia, Abe, Paige

                                                            & HUGE froggy family)


Lester & Shirley Musselman   Queen   (Brenda)


Brenda & Luther Hughes  Martinsburg  “37”  (Jess, Terry & the boys)