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Karen Hoover   Roaring Spring    “50”   (love, your family)


Mike Sanker   Glasgow   “55”  (the St. Joan of Arc Charismatic Prayer Group)


Eric Esper  (#1 dad & hubby)  Altoona  (love, Melissa & your froggy family)


Gabriel Fowler   class of 2013-Glendale Area H.S.-Flinton  “18”  (love, family, friends

                                                                                                            & classmates)


Leigha Hoover (#1 cheerleader) @ Spring Cove Middle School (all your froggy friends)


Shaylee Benn   8’th grade-Altoona Area Junior High  “14”  (love, Mom & Dad)


Madison Massey    “8”  (love, Uncle Mike, Aunt Bonnie & your whole froggy family)


Kevin Wall  workin’ @ New Pig-Tipton  “42”  (family & friends)


Julia Campbell (#1 musician) attending LaFayette College  “20”  (love, Mom, Dad,

                                                                                    Uncle Bruce & Aunt Lisa)


Pat Brindle    James Creek   (lotsa luv, John, Jim & Claudia)


Ricky Knepp    (friends & family @ United Methodist Church-Orbisonia)


“Ayden”    “4”  (love, Uncle Dustin, Aunt Chelsea, Jay-jay & Bubba)


Thelma Steele   Martinsburg   (Brenda)


Dorcas Holm    Woodbury


Patty Beegle   Bedford  “54”  (love, family & friends)


Kermit Wert  “65”

                                                (loving family members)

Jackson Rimmey   “4”


Cynthia Conley    Central High School-Martinsburg  (love, Jarred, family & friends)


Abigail Nagle  “3”  (love, Mommy & Daddy)


Don & Donna Leidig of Leidig’s Farm-Tyrone  “50”  (love, your 5 kids)


Corey & Angie Snare    Williamsburg   “lucky 13”  (love, Trisha)