LOST: Male Fluffy Ragdoll Cat - Altoona -REUNITED on 03/23/13!!!

Submitted Wed, 03/20/2013 - 10:11am by Froggy98

I have lost a pet and I'm providing details about the missing pet.
Animal's Name: Bogart
Your Name: Meghan
Your Phone Number: 814-380-8784
Description/Additional Details: Bogart is a Ragdoll cat. Very fluffy. He's
friendly, but a little shy at first. Somehow he got outside yesterday (3/18)
and we have been searching like crazy for this little baby. His home is on
the 2700 block of Maple ave in Altoona. A few blocks from Ajays Bar and
Grill. Please, if you find this angel, contact Meghan at 814-380-8784 or
Wendy at (814) 232-4062.