LOST: Male Dog - Love Joy Area, Near Commodore

Submitted Mon, 04/30/2012 - 10:52am by Froggy98

Lost or Found? I have lost a pet and I'm providing details about the missing

Animal's Name: Baby Bear
Your Name: Crystal Walker
Your Phone Number: (814) 948-6364
Description/Additional Details:
Baby Bear is cinnamon in color and very pleasant to people and is like a
daddy to any other type he meets, even cats. He was lives in Love Joy area
right next to Commodore.  If you see Baby Bear please let Crystal Walker
know. There are two broken hearted little girls that have been waiting for
him to come home.  They ask about him day in and day out.  He is missed by
many.  Please Help. Thank you.


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Submitted by Lynn on
Thank you for your help. Baby Bear is back home with his family and there are many smiling faces tonight.