LOST" Cat (dark brown) - 17th St & 2nd/3rd Ave., Altoona

Submitted Mon, 04/01/2013 - 10:10am by Froggy98

I have lost a pet and I'm providing details about the missing pet.
Animal's Name: Archie
Your Name: Erin
Your Phone Number: 814-935-6866
Description/Additional Details: Lost cat Friday 3/29 around 8pm from our
apartment on 17th st between 2nd and 3rd aves. She is dark brown with green
eyes, a little bit of white on her chest, but not much. She doesn't answer to
her name typically, usually just to "Kitty". She is incredibly affectionate
and vocal. She may be in heat. If you find her, please call 814-935-6866