Gold German Shepherd Mix - FOUND near Sideling Mountain about 5-6 miles from Breezewood.

Submitted Wed, 03/13/2013 - 1:19pm by Froggy98

Gold German Shepherd Mix (very unusual) FOUND on Sunday, March 10th near Sideling Mountain about 5-6 miles from Breezewood.  Looks like someone's Great Family Pet.

Female, Recently Spayed about 1 Year Old.

Has very iunique gold/green eyes.

Wearing a Pink and Brown Polka Dot Collar.

Very Clean when found.  Know how to sit, etc. Very well behaved and/or trained.

Was brought to Altoona by Cheryl (814-940-6006), and then taken to THE BEDFORD HUMANE SOCIETY (a no-kill facility).

If the dog is yours or you may know who lost this dog, OR if you are interested in a great family dog, please call 814-623-8968 and/or visit: