FOUND: Beagle Mix in the Juniata area

Submitted Wed, 09/25/2013 - 10:34am by Froggy98
I have found a stray and I'm trying to find it's owner. Animal's Name: Unknown Your Name: Amanda Your Phone Number: 814-742-7458 Description/Additional Details: Seen: Beagle Mix in the Juniata area between the junitia bridge and the Buguermiers hauling. Seemed skittish, and afraid of the car. The dog had a collar and tags. The dog looks to be approximately 30 lbs mostly white with a black patch on it's left side/top, and a brown face minus a thin white stripe down the middle of it's face and it's muzzle. I do not have the dog in my possession, I only have a sighting, if you have lost a dog that fits this description I hope this helps.